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Become a Consignor Sign Up

Consignors receive 65% of their sales and a FREE ticket for Pre-Sale.

Become a VIP Consignor FORM

Want to Consign but don't have the time? We will prep, price and deliver your items to the sale. You'll earn 45%of your sales + a free ticket to our Private Pre-Sale!

Barcode Labels Mail Request FORM

To reduce the amount of time spent in our store during Consignor Drop-Off, we will be mailing your Barcode Labels to you! Your items MUST BE labeled when you bring them to Consignor Drop-Off.

Referring Friends to Consign FORM

We LOVE it when you tell your friends about us! Complete this form to receive your bonus if you have referred any friends to consign. They MUST be NEW consignors. Refer 2 friends = Earn 10% more of total sales Refer 4 friends = Earn 15% more of total sales

Consignor Supplies

We use white string tags (size 1.75 x 1.093) and safety pins. Use this link to order consignor supplies. Or you can easily find Consignor Supplies at WalMart or from Amazon! will have extras if you need during Consignor Check-In, $3 for 100 Safety Pins, $3 for 100 String Tags, and $3 for 30 Zip ties- Please Have Cash! You can also purchase via the Rhea Lana's Store!

How to use our Voice Entry System

Our voice entry is a gamechanger! Enter 100 items in 30 minutes. Just remember the order for voice entry is "1. Item 2. Price 3. Size 4. Discount." Watch our tutorial video!

Consignor Drop & Go From

This Form is for those who wish to drop your items off and we quality check and place in store for you. Your items MUST be pre labeled and you must drop off at a specific time. This is for those who are donating all unsold items, or waiving the item guarantee to skip the drop off line.

Consignor Drop Off Appointment Form

This Form is for those who wish to have all items checked in store for quality to revieve your item Guarantee. This means if an item is missing at pick up, we pay you for it! This option typically takes an hour per 100 items and requires a drop off appointment.

Click to Watch Consignor Tutorial Videos

Short simple videos to help you consign a variety of items

Sign up here for your drop off appointment. This is for all consignors dropping off in store and having their items checked by staff for their guarantee.

How to Consign Shoes

How to Consign Clothing